Webroot Mobile Security for Businesses

Mobiles are the most common devices use to connect in the online space. Webroot Mobile Security helps set up, configure and deploy to company’s mobile devices without on-premises hardware or software. Device portability exposes users to physical thefts, malicious apps, etc. making it easy for vital information stored on mobiles to be stolen by cyber-criminals. Most employees bring their own personal devices at work which is why device security is all the more important. This mobile security offers online safety through actions like automatic scans of apps and files to detect malware, malicious URLs, dangerous websites, identification of anti-phishing in real time, etc.

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Enjoy the Webroot.com/safe Difference

There are many antivirus and online security products available in the market. But Webroot stands out differently from its other competitors owing to certain special features. You can check out a free trial to know more about these highlights before investing in one. Few such features include:

  • Prevents Malicious Apps: Every mobile threat is checked at source before they can affect your business phones and tablets and also checks the reputation of downloaded apps.

  • Secure Web Browsing: This feature offers protection of employee identities and corporate information from harmful sites and downloads.

  • Lost Device Protection: You can locate and lock lost or stolen devices and also block unwanted callers and SMS.

  • Enforce Company Policies: Businesses can enforce company policies by asking employees to use a lock passcode to protect sensitive corporate email and information.

  • Constant Upgrades: Employees and users can be kept safe from new threats in real time with help from Webroot’s cloud data centers.

  • Can Be Deployed in Minimum Time: Webroot Mobile Security for Android and Webroot Mobile Security for IOS can be deployed in a matter of few seconds.

  • Online Management: There is no need for an on-premises solution because Webroot offers user, device as well as group management options.

  • High Performance: This is one of the most efficient online protection programs for businesses because of small device footprint, ultra-fast scans, and minimum power consumption, leading to more bandwidth and battery life.

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