Enjoy Internet Security for All Devices

Since most of our activities involve usage of the internet, it is essential to employ a dependable and efficient online security program. With Webroot, you can protect your online identity even when you perform activities like shopping, banking, socializing, etc. You can also opt for security for up to five devices including PCs, MACs, tablets and smartphones. All your passwords, user names, credit card numbers and other vital information is all encrypted with one master password with this leading brand of internet protection.

Choose from Different Products at Affordable Prices

When you decide to go for this brand of internet security, you can pick from different packages that have unique features. Choose from Internet Security Plus which is a great option for PCs, MACs, phones as well as tablets. If you go with Internet Security Complete, you can also enjoy an additional storage of 25GB along with other features for only $59.99 as a year’s subscription. Webroot Internet Security safeguards you from mew phishing attacks, malicious websites and links, harmful files that come into existence each day. Apart from dealing with existing threats, Webroot products also monitor and scan devices for timely detection and identification of potential threats that may cause harm in the long run.

Special Features to Provide 100% Online Protection

Cyber-criminals are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities we are exposed to owing to online activities because we share a sizeable amount of personal information. But with features like identity theft protection, lightning fast scans, system optimizer, automatic backup and secure online storage, secure browsing with real time anti-phishing, password and login protection, mobile security, you can be assured of complete online safety with Webroot Internet Security Plus. Each of these features is available across every product from this antivirus brand. Once you have purchased, installation and setup along with activation can be done in a few simple steps.