5 Top-Rated Antivirus Apps for Android

Android is one of the most popular operating system among users in the world. It offers wide range of softwares and applications which has made our life quick and easier. Due to popularity world-wide it is most obvious to be a vulnerable operating system for hackers. Your install various applications in your device, some are genuine and some could be fake.

Most of the people do not use any security tool for their device, as they think that their device does not need any protection. But protecting your android device from viruses is as important as protecting your PC from these malicious programs. A proper protection to your android device is necessary to secure it from malicious attacks.

Therefore, it is wise to install antivirus or security app on your device to avoid risk of corrupted apps. Security tool help to prevent viruses accessing your device as it blocks them to enter into your device. Any application, file or attachment you download in your device, your security tool will run a scan before downloading it.

Following are the 5 top-rated antivirus apps for your android:

1. Avast Mobile Security App:

a. It gives complete protection to your device from malwares and viruses free of cost.
b. It provides features to lock apps installed on your device to take care of privacy. This feature is on premium.
c. It has features like call blocking, anti-theft features, firewall feature etc.
d. You do not need to worry about your data on your device, if you have this security app installed.

2. Bitdefender Security App:

a. Bitdefender gives additional security feature like app lock, account privacy, anti-theft feature, with complete protection against malicious threats.
b. It is light and easy to use application for the security of your device.
c. It runs a scan after an application is installed to check, if it is secured for your device.
d. It has anti-theft feature, which informs you if an outsider try to tamper with your phone.
e. It has feature like account privacy which always keeps you informed about safety of your account details.

3. McAfee Mobile Security App:

a. It is advanced in blocking malicious sites and provides some great features for your android.
b. It is very popular software for the security of your devices and does what it claims.
c. It has extensive anti-theft features, where app can take picture of the thief in case your device is stolen.
d. It has a list of spam callers and it blocks access to fake sites as well.
e. It runs quick scan to check if everything is okay with the security of your device.

4. Norton Mobile security App:

a. Norton is known for its excellent performance, whether it is your PC or android device.
b. It has excellent capabilities in detecting viruses inside apps or files and removes them automatically.
c. It has features like remote locking, anti-theft features, and privacy protection.
d. It is definitely a good security app for your android that keeps hackers away from it.

5. Avira Antivirus Security App:

a. Avira has excellent scanning feature which is capable of scanning internal as well as external storage of your device like your SD card.
b. Its premium version has additional features such as blocking malicious website and auto-update.
c. It gives best support and protection to your android device.
d. It has feature like identity safeguard feature that check any email addresses, if they are safe.

Why Antivirus Protection For Android Is Needed?

Protecting your android device is important from malwares. It is a must to secure your data from falling in wrong hands. Your android device keeps your confidential data, your personal information and files, which you will never want to be stolen or misused by others. Android provides you various applications, which make your work easier. There are number of apps for different purposes, which are offered by different owners.

All your work depends on your phone from emailing to booking tickets, social media networking, meetings and much more. There is a lot of personal information your phone carry, such as your business transaction details, your financials, passwords, credit card information and everything that you save in your phone. To keep all this information secure is all what you need to avoid infection.

Android does not allow apps from other sources to make space in play store, thus whatever you download from the store is safe and secure. But still you cannot say that your android device is completely protected from viruses. If you are downloading an app outside the play store, you need to think about the security of your device. You could face risk of malware at any time and by any means, it could infect your android mobile. In case you are using older version of android your device is more vulnerable to be targeted.

Many websites which are operated by hackers to disguise a user could be a medium for viruses to enter into your device. Using social media sites to download attachments, sharing files and photos could bring virus in your phone. Your email may also contains viruses in the form of infected link which is forwarded to you by spam, such phishing scams are done in order to get control over your device.

A virus is a type of malicious program, which replicates itself with the help of human intervention. They find source to enter into your mobile through various ways. Google play store although do not allow unknown sources to upload their app but still there are cases of breach of apps security. However, viruses find multiple ways to enter into your system such as through e-mail attachments, WhatsApp files and photo sharing, fake apps or suspected links could cause big trouble for you. You can avoid this trouble by giving proper security to your mobile.

Viruses work in different manner, to tamper with your personal details, stealing your credit card and bank details or to annoy you simply by sending ads. These viruses come in disguise form, which will appear genuine to you but they are fake actually. If you have installed an unknown app by mistake, it could be very dangerous to you as it can collect your private data and information and send to hackers without letting you know.

Installing antivirus software makes your work easier in securing your phone. You should install a good security app for protecting your device from viruses. Antivirus does not allow access to these unknown threats by blocking them before they access to your device. The security app before installing any app scans it, if it is secured or not then only installs it in your device. You should also use your common sense and avoid clicking on fake sites or links without thinking and verifying.