The Best Antivirus for Windows in 2018

Security protection for your PC is necessary to protect it from various malicious attacks. If you do not provide any security to your windows, it is at risk of infection. Your windows computer is vulnerable to various malicious attacks if it is not provided proper security. Hackers exploit vulnerabilities in weak computer or software and it is the source for them to enter into your PC.

The best solution to avoid this risk is to give your computer proper security tool. Antivirus program is important today, as it keeps your computer safe from malwares, spywares, ransomwares and the other malicious programs. Antivirus program detects, prevent and removes these threats and thus provides your windows computer real-time protection. Also, for the proper working of the security tool you need to update the software regularly so that it could fight against all types of latest threat.

Windows provide built-in security features that give basic security protection to your PC. But some other threats which are very dangerous to your windows demand extra security. You need to install a good and reliable antivirus program in your windows computer. Before installing any security software check that what kind of security it needs. Consider things which will help you to decide what are the security needs of your PC like, if you have plenty of data stored in your computer it is advisable to install antivirus which provides extra layer of protection with additional features.

Following are three best antivirus software’s of 2018 for windows PC:

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender is an award winning performer and is known for its excellent performance and remarkable solutions to your computer’s security needs.
• It gives complete protection to your computers from all the threats.
• It is quite accurate and unbeatable in detection and removal of viruses, malwares and performs instant actions required for correcting the infection.
• It gives you real-time protection against all the latest threats and keeps your information confidential.
• It has various additional features which provide extra layer of security to your PC such as, anti-phishing: filter unwanted theft, secure web browsing: keeps your financial details safe, password manager to remember your password, social network protection: do not allow access to unwanted programs to make changes to your computer and many more features.

2. Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus

Webroot is the highly trusted and reliable antivirus program among users.
• It is the light, less space consuming and fast software as compare to the other antivirus programs.
• It is cloud based software that monitors and keeps your computer secure always with its smart detection capabilities.
• It has many various important features like firewall protection, real-time anti-phishing and anti-ransomware and many more.
• It has multiple device protection system. You can secure your all devices with a single license subscription.

3. Norton Antivirus Security

Norton is known from several years to deliver best security features to your computer systems.
• It is one of the most trusted and favorite among users due its performance.
• It does not slow down your system and makes less impact on system resources.
• It has capabilities to detect and block new malwares.
• It is value for money and has intelligent monitoring skills which keep eye on every malicious program.
• It has features like, URL blocker: keeps malicious programs away, identity safety, capable password manager, configuration options.